Saturday 26 July 2014

Fixing Nul

Just a couple quick links to an excellent series of articles on "fixing" null sec sov.

Well worth reading. I agree with pretty much everything he says with the caveat that in order for it to happen the power projection issue must be addressed first.

As long as the largest blocs can drop massive blobs anywhere they want faster than smaller local forces can respond it's never going to change.

I would have left a comment on the articles except it requires registering with Disqus to comment there and I refuse to register with yet another annoying, redundant and basically useless "registration service".


  1. I'll be finding out about Disqus soon, as I just installed it on my blog. I was about at the point of moderating comments before publishing them and just deleting anything without an author. I'm hoping that the settings in Disqus will allow me to not have to pre-moderate.

  2. Fix null has always been the rallying cry of the people who can't get sov and would like it and is probably a normal state of affairs.

    What's interesting now is that the leaders of the coalitions are also complaining about the state of null. (Endie is 2ic of Goons, Jeffraider who comments is a leader of PL as much as they have leaders).

  3. Add themittani to the chorus as well. Shit is getting boring, stagnant, and the quality of null is dragging. I'd rather see null like Endie mentions then a unipolar-bipolar world of absentee ownership.