Thursday 17 July 2014

Public Courier Contract Example

Expanding on my previous post about Making Public Courier Contracts Work For You, here's an example of a contract I sent yesterday that proves a number of points about public courier contracts.

Though it was a very valuable contract between 2 secondary hubs it was still picked up and delivered in less than 6 hours. Also note this was during the wee hours of the morning when the least players are on.

At 6.5 billion collateral, it's the most valuable courier contract I've ever made. In the past I always limited my contracts to a maximum of 5 billion collateral because I felt more might be too much for most couriers to risk. This time I decided to test that assumption and went well over my usual limit.

I intentionally sent it from Sobaseki rather than Jita to illustrate that contracts don't have to originate on a main hub to get picked up and delivered quickly.

I paid 40 million to have 6.5 billion collateral contract delivered.

Red Frog Freight would have charged 17.4 million for the same trip with only 1 billion collateral.

For a rush job RFF would have charged 108.75 million, more than 5 times over their usual rate and still with only 1 billion collateral.

Sending 6.5 billion collateral via RFF non-rush contracts would have required 7 contracts totalling 121.8 million. More than 3 times as much as I paid.

Going with Red Frog's sister service Blue Frog Freight would have been even worse costing 125 million for 5 billion collateral (their maximum) with longer completion (3 days vs 1) and expiration (7 days vs 3) terms..

I paid 6.15 million per billion delivered, less than 1% of it's value. The cheapest RFF option to deliver that same 6.5 billion (7 non-rush contracts) would have cost 18.7 million per billion delivered, nearly 3% of it's value.

By going with a public contract I saved more than 80 million in shipping fees over what using RFF would have cost and it got delivered more promptly too.

Here's another example of an older public courier contract with a low sec destination.

This one got delivered in just 33 minutes! Black Frog charges 95 million for a similar contract with longer expiration and completion terms.


  1. Why did you hide that the first contract was set up by Hek Tradeking and delivered by Aurora Dust, and that the second was set up by Susan Creamcheese and delivered by Mrklotz1?

    1. Because though I knew anyone who really wanted to know could find out I didn't think anyone would go so far as to post the names.

  2. So is there something like a minimum amount of isk or a certain formula to calculate a reward one has to offer per jump to get stuff moved? because i have seen some guys offer ~10% of the collateral as reward (collateral was around 9mil) and in your post above its ~0,6% to 1%, which is pretty small in comparison...
    thanks for your answer

    1. Depends on the size of the contract. Newbies will move small, low collateral contracts very cheaply but for bigger contracts, 500k ISK per jump is about the minimum. Sure someone probably will move it eventually for less but you'll probably be waiting a long time too.

      For contracts with collateral in the 2-3 billion range find around 1 mil ISK per jump works extremely well. Practically guarantees delivery overnight (under 12 hours) to just about anywhere in high sec. As someone commented on another post, 1 mil per jump really gets the independent courier's attention.

      For even higher collateral contracts and contracts going into low I'll usually go a bit higher than that (like the examples in the OP).

      I sent another contract to Teon last night. 150k m3 this time (requiring a bigger ship to move) with 2.7 bil collateral and paying 25 mil (just over 1 mil per jump and just under 1% of the collateral). It got delivered in less than 7 hours.

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