Wednesday 1 October 2014

Financial Report - September 2014

Financial report for the month of September 2014 (last month).

I make virtually all of my ISK buying and reselling faction/deadspace mods, ships, skill-books and implants with an army of 24 traders covering 19 regions in most of empire space (everywhere except Aridia and Solitude). All my traders are also Blockade Runner pilots, capable of doing their own transport (mostly on autopilot).

This month was my lowest profit in over a year. I only made 16 billion in September.

But I hardly spent any time trading this month, only about 6 hours in total and most of that on one weekend. Expenses were a bit higher than usual this month too. In addition to regular monthly expenses of about 12 billion I donated 5 billion to Mordus Angels and spent roughly 1.5 billion on pirate tags for data center turnins.

Current net worth is 754 billion with roughly half in cash and market escrow. Most of the rest is in sell orders and recently acquired assets I haven't gotten around to posting for sale yet. Very little is in assets I don't intend to sell soon, maybe 5 billion worth of ships and fittings I keep for my own use.

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