Sunday 5 October 2014

Support Ticket for Broken Kudi Data Center Agents

So, after waiting a full week for a response my ticket about the broken data center agents in Kudi finally received a response.

CCP has this ridiculous policy against quoting any communications they have with you so I won't do that.

In a nutshell the response said I could not access level 3 data center agents in Kudi because I need 3.0 default standings to access them. That's default, as in unmodified by connections.

Yet every single other data center agent works off standings modified by connections. All the agents at all the other data centers for all 4 major factions. That includes the level 3 agents at the other Amarr data center.

So I added another message and got a prompt response (within a few minutes) thanking me for pointing this out to them and asking me to submit a bug report about it.

I submitted a bug report, hopefully this is the kind of thing that can be fixed easily. It should be a simple matter of changing a variable (the amount of standing required) or flag (whether it's modified or unmodified standing) for each of the agents in question.

It seems like it will be fixed, the only question is how long will it be before they get around to fixing it?

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