Monday 27 October 2014

PLEX Report - Black Rise in October 2014

Following up on yesterday's post about PLEX breaking the 800 million ISK barrier recently here's an example of the business I've done so far this month on PLEX in just one region, Black Rise.

Business is hot and cold in Black Rise but I find it to be one of the better regions for my dabbling in the PLEX market. There isn't enough volume to attract the really obsessive bots so margins are often much better than on the main hubs.

So far in Oct I've bought 23 PLEX, sold 18 and I just put number 19 up for sale a few minutes ago. The other 4 were used to resubscribe accounts. I made good profits on all of them too with markups ranging from about 32 million up to about 74 million.

I wasn't using 0.01 ISK cuts either. Most of my cuts, especially on the higher priced sales, were in the millions of ISK. Many were cuts of 10 - 20 million and in some cases (like the ones that sold for 840 mil each) I cut by 40 or 50 million.


  1. Its surprising that they sell just about anywhere even at a premium compared to Jita. Do you always set up buy orders for 3 months? I've had a few experiences where if its been more than a month when it gets filled the market is usually crashing, specifically with faction items. How do you combat those situations with so many accounts?

    1. I always use 3 month orders. It doesn't cost any extra for longer term so there's no reason not to.

      Most markets have a cycle, what some might call a crash is actually just the low end of the cycle. The trick is learning the cycles, "know when to hold em and know when to fold em".

      In many ways it's very similar to playing cards, you have to take calculated risks to score big. Sure, sometimes you will lose regardless but as long as you know the odds and play smart (don't bet everything on one hand no matter how good the odd are) you'll win more than you lose and be ahead of the game.