Friday 10 October 2014

Multisell coming soon

Just a short post to point out a new beta feature: Multisell thread that's up for discussion on the official forums. There isn't a whole lot of information in the thread about exactly what it does yet but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they'll finally fix the braindead way orders are filled now.

If not they might as well just call it multiripoff instead.

To reiterate what they need to do is change the way the system fills orders so you get the best price of the price you typed in or the price in existing orders.

IOW, if you type in a buy order for 100 at 1 mil each and there are lower priced sell orders, your order will be filled from the lower priced orders at the prices in the sell orders until either your order is completely filled or there are no remaining sell orders equal to or lower than your price. At that point any remaining orders would be listed in a buy order at 1 mil each.

And just the opposite for selling. If you type in a sell order for 10 at 100 mil each, there is a buy order up for 5 at 110 mil each and all other buy orders are under 100 mil, you'd immediately sell 5 for 110 mil each while the remaining 5 would be listed as a sell order at 100 mil each.

Fair to everyone, less susceptible to getting screwed by lag and less favorable for botters who usually have the lowest sell orders and highest buy orders and reap most of the windfall profits with the existing system.


  1. I agree, this multisell is going to make lowballing a more common practice. Eve's market system really tries its best to scam people (first having typos instasell/instabuy for the prices you wrote, and now massive number of items getting lowballed like this)...

  2. Just to make one thing perfectly clear, I want the current system changed not because I lose ISK to it but because it's stupid.

    Yes I have lost ISK to typos, billions in fact, however I've gained even more from other's typos. The same is probably true for most market players, sure we make mistakes too, we just don't make them as often as the majority of players who aren't nearly as familiar with the market interface as we are.

  3. Multi-sell simply allows players to sell a bunch of different items in a single process, rather than needing to sell each item, one-by-one. The items are sold to the highest buy order, available at the station when the items are being sold.

    This is mostly of benefit to mission runners, who loot and salvage NPC wrecks, and end up with of lot of items they don't need/want to keep.

    In the past, selling all of the loot from a single L4 mission was very tedious and could take around 30 minutes - time which is better spent running another mission. So, most mission runners simply reprocess all of the loot and sell the minerals - this is much, much faster, but has the potential of reprocessing modules which are worth more than their reprocessing value.

  4. Is it compulsory to use this feature? Cause your post makes it sound like you do. It's an optional convenience feature. Admittedly I will profit enormously but it is still the player's choice.

  5. You mean you have the common sense to admit something is flawed despite having benefited you in the past? Yeah that seems to be a rare thing in this game. I would really like a change on the market UI as well but you know a lot of people are going to oppose to it for :reasons: like something something sandbox.

  6. Might be a good new post for you moxnix... I've noticed A lot!!!! more orders that have been right at buy order prices and picking them up. The reason for this is with multisell they took away the way it used to sell just the qty of the highest buy order. Now instead its been replaced with technically setting up a sell order and if the lowest buy order is filled your order is setup at that price.

    Now i've also noticed they seem to have snuck in an extra .75% to people selling items on market essentially increasing the isk sink.

  7. There are no extra costs, my taxes and broker fees are exactly the same now as they were before. However IIRC, exactly what your costs were wasn't nearly as obvious in the old interface as it is in the new interface.

    Are you sure you weren't paying that "extra" 0.75% all along without realizing it?