Sunday 27 October 2013

3 PLEX for $4.98 What?!

In breaking news live from Dodixe local chat, Amazon has 3 PLEX listed as on sale for just $4.98 (90% off)

It looks like a legitimate link, not a scam.

Not sure what's going here, a pricing mistake maybe? The seller is CCP Games. Something strange going on since they have single PLEX priced at $19.95 and 6 packs at $99.99

Several people in Dodixie local claim to have bought and received their PLEX in game already. If these sales are actually going through at that price and it lasts for very long it could have a huge impact on the market price of PLEX in ISK.

Update: Less than an hour later the offer has been pulled and the 3 pack is no longer available.

It didn't last long enough to affect the price of PLEX in ISK.


  1. Also, it was US customers only, and I didn't have time this morning to set up a proxy based account.

  2. You don't need a proxy for digital content. Just register a US address with your account and remember to set it as default when buying from .com