Saturday 26 October 2013

Selling Baggies $100.00 each!

Here's a real life business plan following the brilliant business model of a certain well known Eve Online real money trading gambling business.

1. Buy a box of baggies for a couple bucks.
2. Add some weed (or parsley if you're a scammer) to each bag.
3. Sell the bags for $100.00 each and rake in the profits.

You can't get busted for selling drugs because you aren't selling weed. You're just selling baggies (which is perfectly legal) and giving the weed away as a free bonus reward for your valued baggie customers.

If you put parsley in your baggies instead of weed your customers have no legal recourse to do anything about it since all they paid for was a baggie. Even if they wanted to do something illegal about it they couldn't because you're hiding behind a compu... er wait...nm.

<note for the humor impaired - this is satire>

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