Sunday 27 October 2013

PLEX Market Venture Update

Regarding my little PLEX market venture which began yesterday so far it's going good

Nearly 65 million (roughly 11%) profit before taxes and fees (roughly 2%) isn't bad. The second one I used to resub an account that was expiring in 6 days. I also bought another PLEX for even less in another region and posted it for resale there.

In less than 24 hours I've bought 3 and sold one at a pretty decent profit with hardly any effort involved. The plan is working, now I just need to find out how well it scales.

Doing a little simple math, with 20 traders if on average I can buy and sell just 1 PLEX a day per character for an average 50 million profit each that works out to

20 traders x 50 mil ISK x 30 days = 30 Billion ISK profits

That's pretty close to my current total monthly income. From just a single item.

If I can average 2 per day per character it'd be 60 billion, or close to double my current monthly income!

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