Monday 28 October 2013

PLEX Market Update II

48 hours after the experiment began (1 day after the first update) I've bought a total of 6 PLEX in 3 different regions. I've sold 3 for 40 - 65 mil profit each, used 1 to sub an account and have 2 more up for sale. I have buy orders up in 4 or 5 regions now.

From what I've seen so far, I figure at least 10 day should be possible with that kind of profit.

As many as 20 a day might be attainable with profits in the same range but even that many might be pushing it a bit. Any more than that is probably only possible with lower profit margins around 20-25 million which won't leave much after taxes and fees.

I need to move PLEX purchases quickly because I expect prices to begin going down now. It's that time of year when prices have historically gone down anyhow and the Amazon pricing snafu yesterday will only help push things along.


  1. Given the aversion many people have of moving Plex around and the ISK value people are willing to put on moving themselves around (1 minute per jump or -ve security status) I suspect you could command some sort of a profit margin just for posting them in regions away from Jita.

    1. The Jita price is too high atm to make it worthwhile to buy on Jita and sell elsewhere. That'd shave at least 20-30 mil off my profit per PLEX and if done in much volume would very quickly drive sell prices down in other regions.

      It'd actually be more profitable buying elsewhere and selling on Jita though that'd be low volume and usually not as profitable as just reselling it where it was bought.