Thursday 17 October 2013

What's going on?

No doubt you've all seen it many times before but I get a real kick out of this little clip!

It's just freaking hilarious! Anyone know where it originated?

On another note, this has been a quiet month for me so far. I haven't done very much other than updating skills training queues and getting prowler fleet's numbers up (expect an update on prowler fleet in a few days).

My market activity has been mostly passive (for the most part I'm just letting orders sit without updating). It looks like I'll still be making a pretty decent profit for the month though (already up 16 billion now).


  1. I first saw it in a TEST fleet. Goons and Reddit are where most good propaganda comes from.

  2. I still don't understand how you can earn 1bil/day without updating. For me to earn that isk I normally need sell at least 10bil, After freshly updating orders I have very steady decline each day if I don't touch them. Something like: 1500mil>800>600>400>300. That is from 200bil capital, with 70bil for sale, I end up selling 20bil first day, 10bil the next and then it goes really slow. After few days I need at least 1 hour to setup sell orders for bought loot alone, not to mention updating sell/buy orders. Updating just most "profitable" items usually ends up at steady 700mil profit.

    In the end I am still struggling to have semi passive trading to earn me 1bil/day as a minimum. And that is only with 3 chars, so i can't imagine how you manage with 20 traders. I try to setup few extra toons, but very low movement for goods i sell outside major hubs really gives me doubts if this will work out. Any advice?

    1. I have done *some updating, just not "very much" and I've also posted stuff that was purchased. Nothing that took very long and not very often either but still some.

      I usually concentrate on the Big Head, spending most of my posting/updating time there. Long Tail items get updated less frequently. The less valuable the item, generally the less often it gets updated. For the cheapest items near the end of the tail it might be weeks between updates.

      That's my normal routine.

      When I spend less time playing I concentrate on even fewer Big Head Items and pretty much ignore the Long Tail. Sometimes all I do is update a few items on a few characters. Or I'll post items on a few characters that had a lot of orders filled recently (easily identified with a quick look at jEveAssets ISK tab, assets column).

      Patience helps too, wait long enough and someone will eventually fill some of your orders at a good price... Especially in less camped Long Tail items.

  3. i am sure you trade some of my items, that margins get so low, that only way to avoid upcoming loss is to compare hub prices. Plus how is your goods movement rate outside major hubs? As you mentioned, you have quite few traders and deal with items 50mil+ worth. These might not sell so often, especially when orders not updated as frequently

    sorry for all the questions, but it's just whenever i do the math, i just can't imagine maintaining effective operation without 1-2 hours as a minimum time for every day/second day if i wanted to keep more than 1bil/day profit as yourself.

    I found out that there's a certain limit in trading that you can't easily scale up without extending time maintaining operation. For example if you were to employ 1tril, theoretically you could update orders three times less to get same returns, however in most cases updates will be x3 longer due to number of items and longer quicklist in general.

    1. Sometimes when margins get low I just leave them be until the price goes up again. How well that works really depends on the item and the volume it moves in but sometimes the only way to find out for sure is to try it for a while. I have a strong suspicion that a lot of "sales" are really just traders swapping items back and forth. Some know the market for the item and make ISK on those kind of trades, others don't and give up eventually only to be replaced by someone else.

      Actually I was surprised to hit 16 bil shortly after mid month this month. But then again most of that was in the first week of the month when prices tend to rise. I don't expect to wind up with more than 20 - 25 bil this month unless I pick up my order updating activity a lot in the last week.

      Agreed there is a limit to scalability, particularly in horizontal growth (buying the same items in greater volume). For me right now with my current investment the horizontal limit seems to be around 40 bil per month. After that I see very harsh diminishing returns on time spent working the market.

      However, I think there's still room for vertical growth (getting bigger in the more expensive items), it's just going to take a lot more ISK invested to do it.