Thursday 10 October 2013


I scored another great deal on a buy order today.

Easy money. A nice big profit and a quick one too considering I only put the buy order up a day or two ago.

Core X-Type MWDs normally go for 450 - 500 mil on Jita and I've sold some in other regions for 600-700 million. So I can get ~450 mil for a quick  ~430 mil profit if I flip it on Jita or if I'm willing to be patient (and I am) I can make 500+ mil.

Not bad for a 20 mil investment.


  1. Was that a buy order in highsec but in "the middle of nowhere"? . . . . Can't for the life of me think why someone sold it at 20m unless clearing a hanger or not wanting to fly to a hub to place a sell order and update daily.

    1. That describes the location pretty well.

      Probably because he didn't know what it normally goes for, was too lazy to check the price and my buy order was far higher than any others in the area.

      The funny part is I only put the buy order up a day or two before. I remember it specifically because I only put it up after I noticed an *extreme lowball buy order for it.

      There's no way I'm letting anyone get away with buy orders like that for items I sell!

  2. Thats why I use eve central to look up prices if not in a region with a decent trade hub. At least contracts allow universe wide searches but it's a pain to compare prices.