Friday 1 November 2013

Somer of PANIC - 1 Billion "bonus" ISK per GTC

Just when I thought we were about done with the Somerblink RMT scandal Somer has gone into full panic mode and started dumping ISK for dollars as quickly as possible. They've put on a 1 billion "bonus" ISK credit per GTC for purchasing GTCs from them.

I'm not going to repeat what someone else has already said (and said very well) but you can find the dirty details here: Liquidation Sale

In other words, Somer is selling off as much ISK as quickly as they can before the Nov 7th deadline and that definitely changes everything.

Knowing that, now I'd say it's the main reason why the ISK price of PLEX dropped so far so suddenly rather than slowly over time. But let's call a spade a spade, what it all boils down to is Somer and Markee Dragon are selling ISK for $5.00 per billion. How that 5 bucks is split between Somer and their dirtbag partner in crime Markee Dragon nobody else knows.

Expect PLEX prices to continue dropping until the situation is resolved and prices for just about everything else to go up as the sudden influx of large amounts of ISK into the economy drives increased spending and ultimately higher prices. The longer this situation goes unresolved the more profound effect it will have on the economy.

Really CCP, enough is enough, Somer and Markee should both be shut down immediately and permanently for this. They aren't even trying very hard to hide their real business anymore, this is nothing but a blatant RMT cashout!

Apparently Markee has already temporarily run out of GTCs so the solution is really simple. Make it permanent, don't let him have any more GTCs. EVER!

The longer this is allowed to go on the worse the already terrible publicity over it is going to get for CCP. Does CCP really want to be known for being easily manipulated, outmaneuvered and taken advantage of at every turn like this?


  1. At some point it is possible that blink credit will be issued without ships to cover the lotteries. Any reader who has blink credit should cash out asap. It's worthless until there's actually a ship in your hangar.

  2. Yeah anyone who's considering taking advantage of this "great deal" needs to think very carefully. When something sounds too good to be true, that's usually because it is.

    If this isn't shut down for good, it's very likely a lot of people are going to get burned in the end.