Sunday, 24 November 2013

Grey Cup Prediction

Tonight is the Grey Cup Game with the Saskatchewan Roughriders vs the Hamilton Tiger Cats. For those of you wondering "What's a Grey Cup?", it's the trophy presented to the winner of the championship game (Grey Cup Game) of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

That's football (not soccer), as in similar to American Football with some different rules that make for a more exciting game. A longer, wider field with bigger end-zones, an extra player on the field for each team, motion being allowed in the backfield before the snap and only having 3 downs instead of 4 are the big differences.

The Tigercats are a good team but the Riders are just too strong right now. They're healthy with no serious injuries incurred while getting out of the semi-finals and finals in the strong West Division. They have a good offence (one of the best) and a great defense (the best).

It's a great team (the best in the league) out of the strong West Division (with 3 teams better than any team in the East) against a good team from the weak East Division.

They've done the hard part already beating BC and Calgary to get out of the West, beating Hamilton is just a formality.

I'm predicting a Riders win by at least 14 points.