Sunday, 3 November 2013

PLEX Market - Update III

This is the third in a series of updates on my PLEX market venture which began 8 days ago on Oct 26 when I first started buying PLEX for resale.

I now have buy and sell orders up on several characters in different regions. To date I've bought 35 and sold 12 as shown in the JEveAssets Transactions screenshot below.

Besides the 12 PLEX that were resold another 10 were used to resub accounts, leaving 13 as yet unsold. I'll also need another 6 in about a week to resub more accounts. That leaves 7 more to sell.

I paid an average of 568 mil ISK each for the 35 I bought and sold 12 for an average of 616 mil ISK each. Or about 48.8 mil profit per PLEX sold. Before taxes and fees that is. After taxes and fees of roughly 12 mil each that leaves about 36 mil profit per PLEX or 432 million in total profits.

Assuming the other 7 sell for the same 36 mil after taxes and fees profit, that'd be 684 mil in total profits.

That's over an 8 day period, extrapolated over a full 30 day month, that'd be 2.65 billion per month. Considering I've barely gotten started in the PLEX market I should be able to do considerably better than that. There's still plenty of room left for expansion both in the number of regions I'm working and in the number of PLEX I buy in each region I am working. I haven't transported any PLEX between regions yet either, there's probably more profit to be gleaned that way too.

This is under the worst conditions, while PLEX prices are going down. Once prices stabilize and start going up again, my profit per PLEX might even go up. Note how the first ones I bought, which I paid the most for, also netted the biggest profits (68 mil ISK before taxes and fees on the very first one)

I'll be moving slowly but surely, continuing to increase my presence in the PLEX market until I have it maximized to net me the most profit for the least work.


  1. I think the recent uncertainty has caused exceptionally wide margins. I'm looking at the entry for sell for 645m next to buy for 556m near the bottom of your chart.

    What do these people do in Eve that they're not bothered by taking 5 seconds to save 90m?

    1. I get your point but those particular orders were filled before the uncertainty began.

      The 556 buy was in The Bleak Lands. It was in low sec and that was the going price for PLEX buy orders there. In fact at the time it was the lowest buy order price in all 23 empire regions. I remember that one specifically because that's why I sent a new trader there. =)

      The 645 sell order was in a region on the other side of the map (Essence or Verge Vendor IIRC). That one was actually the very first one bought for sale at 577 mil.

      The next 2 were bought in the same location as the first one at 580 mil each and resold for 632 mil (-1 ISK).

      Beyond that I'm not sure which buy relates to which sell. I was watching the first few closely though.

      It's a short sample to be sure, but what I've seen since the uncertainty started is margins have gotten tighter, not bigger. That's exactly what I'd expect, it's what normally happens when prices go down on anything.

    2. I never understand why people by plex in weird locations for above Jita price. Anyone could set up a jita alt to get their plex, and you can use it through the asset window. I usually use one of the market sites to find the best prices, log an alt on in whatever region that is, then contract them across to whichever account needs them. Usually thats a hub on a buy order, but sometimes you get weird sell orders.

    3. Yes, you're right. I do the same thing when buying PLEX myself.

      I think the reason people buy PLEX in strange places is they think they have to be in the station where the PLEX is to use it... In spite of people like me and you telling them they don't have to be.