Wednesday 13 August 2014

PLEX Prices - August 2014

PLEX prices have been rising rather rapidly for most of this year but the last month or so seem to have hit a plateau and even dropped off a bit.

The above screenshot is the price of PLEX on Amarr. Prices on Jita are similar. I choose to use Amarr for this example because margins are a bit better and I have more PLEX for sale there right now.

Coincidentally the dropoff started right when I jumped back into the PLEX market with the intention of trying to influence PLEX prices. No I'm not claiming credit for prices going down. Even though I intended to see if I could push prices down, they'd already just started going down as I returned to the market.

Back in my May PLEX Price Crash post I predicted PLEX prices would level off and possibly crash sometime before they hit 1 billion per PLEX. While this doesn't exactly qualify as a crash yet, prices certainly have come down a bit.

Well I did have more PLEX for sale on Amarr. I'd posted 5 PLEX at 784 mil each then started writing this article. About 10 minutes later I went to take a screen shot of the PLEX for sale and found all 5 of them had already sold.

Oh well, I guess those particular PLEX won't be pushing the price down any further. Still that's 39 million margin with roughly 17 million in taxes and fees leaving about 22 million profit per PLEX or 110 millon in total. Not too shabby for a quick and easy profit.

And here's a screenshot proving they were all bought not only in Domain but right on Amarr.


  1. obviously you didn't buy those 30 day pilots license in the Domain Region, So does this mean that you are buying from a different region and selling in the Amarr hub with the same character? That seems contradictory to what you have said about having different characters in charge of sales in different regions.

    1. They were bought in Domain. In fact all 10 were bought right on Amarr, I didn't have to travel to pick them up at all.

      Added another screenshot to the original post to prove it.

  2. that's pretty interesting... I've had my suspicions the market screen doesn't work properly. The information that I see does not match what you paid for it.

    That link is showing the lowest price in those days was 746,000,112 which is not 745,000,001. That was on the 13th, The 10th is even more off.

    1. You caught me just as I removed my previous comment so I could add to it. To avoid confusion I put it back.

      What I was going to add was that the in game market history is not an accurate indication of what things actually sell for.

      I've noticed many times that market history prices do not match my experience of the real prices I buy and sell at.

      As far as I can tell what history actually does is take a snapshot of what's listed on the market periodically (how often I can't say). In other words it misses well priced items that sell quickly (between one snapshot and the next).

    2. This might be an interesting post to talk about in the future. If you know anything more about it. I've been trading for years and have noticed the irregularities but never understood it fully.

  3. Also take a look at these 2 pictures. One showing regional buy orders at over a day and being at 750 Million

    The other showing the lowest purchase in the last 24 hours being lower than that 750 million. How could anything ever sell for lower but not have a buy order up for that low.

    1. If someone typos low when entering a sell order it will sell to the highest buy order at the typo price.

      That's something that needs to change, it should be the other way around. If you typo too low on a sell order or too high on a buy order you should get the price on existing listed orders, instead of getting ripped off.

  4. My main suspicion is that PLEX is finally reaching a point where the 'average' account with 3 trained alts can not generate enough profit to justify its cost anymore, and therefore demand lowers.

    If you think about it, PLEX prices have only rised faster after dual character training came out, since it effectively lets you have 3 sources of income (that only need limited training, such as PI or trading) for the price of 1.