Sunday 3 August 2014


I finally lost my first Blockade Runner in high sec while on autopilot.

It was empty! =)

The funny thing is it wasn't in one of the usual places gankers like to camp like Uedama, Litiura, or the Aufay, Balle, Deltole chain. In fact it wasn't even in an 0.5 system, it was higher sec status than that. I'm surprised he managed to live for the 18 seconds it took him to blow up my ship before Concord arrived and killed him.

It might have been someone intentionally targeting me, hoping to win the BR lottery and cash in a big load. The character's name makes it pretty obvious to anyone who knows much about me that it must be one of my alts.

If that's the case I'll have to stop transporting big loads on that particular character. But that's ok, it happened to a character based out of Jita and I have plenty of other alts with less obvious names there.


  1. How much isk did it cost them to kill one of your BRs?

    1. About 11 mil for the hull, probably a few more for the fittings.

      I'm not sure but I have a hunch my Prowler got hung up on a gate and was just sitting there not moving.

      There's a weird bug where sometimes AP gets stuck at just over 2k from the gate and just sits there. It's not reliably reproducable but it only seems to happen when I hit the gate cloaked on the first jump of a multiple jump trip.

      It only happens every once in a while but I've had ships just sit there for half an hour or longer a few times before I came back from AFK and noticed. Often enough I'm sure something is broken and nearly positive it doesn't happen when I don't cloak.

  2. Honestly I'm quite surprised this is the first time you've been ganked. I make far fewer (trust me, a LOT less) trips than you, always in a blockade runner, and I've lost 2 (also mostly empty, but still a pain) blockade runners in the last 12 months.

    1. I keep hearing that. Maybe it's because a lot of my trips are NOT directly between main hubs. I might cross the major trade routes, or even be on them for a few jumps quite frequently but more often than not I'm not following the main route all the way. Consequently gankers have a harder time predicting which gate I'm headed to next.

      Also I'm more cautious when it comes to the worst 0.5 gank systems, Uedama, Litiura and the Aufay, Balle, Deltole chain. I usually try to make it back from AFK in time to fly those systems manually. Rather than going AFK for 20-30 minutes and doing the entire trip on auto I'll check on it every few minutes and fly the most dangerous part manually.

  3. I always pilot manually. While I accept getting ganked as a cost of business, however I figures that just staying at keyboard and manually warping will save much more time to recoup with losses should I get one. Besides, after the run is done I can close clients and be done with the trading. But while traveling I am also able to do other stuff, so time never goes to waste.