Saturday 23 August 2014

Looking for Bulk Contracts

There's a new Bulk Prices page here at Merchant Monarchy.

I've begun experimenting with Bulk Buying through contracts. The new page lists my prices for various different faction mods, implants and ships I buy in bulk. I'll accept contracts in any of 21 different locations throughout contiguous hi sec.

I've also posted a small subset of the items listed there to the "Wholesale Trading" mailing list.

Take a look at the new page and feel free to leave feedback on pricing, minimum numbers, items you'd like to see added to the list and so on.

When it comes to items I'm generally not interested in anything worth much less than 10 million each. +3 implants are an exception because they're high volume and even large stacks (100+) of them don't take up very much space.

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