Monday, 4 August 2014

Trusted Contractors

I wish there was a "trusted contractor" list.

When accepting private contracts from anyone on the "trusted" list it'd skip the "Do really want to do this?" step and just accept it with one click. Even better if there was an option to make it so contracts are automatically accepted upon receipt without any clicking required at all.

Automatic could be a simple option affecting every name on the "trusted" list but it'd be more useful if it could be set individually for each name.


  1. Pls up the contract proposal thread in forums, I am shouting in there for a while now, no DEV response still.

  2. I for one would not use the system. Trust no one in eve right?

    1. Not even your own alts? That's what I'd use it for.

  3. @cypher, how about your own alts :P