Tuesday 16 September 2014

More Market History Shenanigans

Just the other day I posted this screenshot, showing market history for PLEX in the Forge.

While that post was about history numbers for the 14th, the screenshot also shows numbers for the 15th early in the day. Note the low price for the 15th was 755.6 million ISK and change. I checked market history several more times throughout the day and the low number didn't change.

Then the next day (today, the 16th) I checked prices again only to find this

The low number for the 15th had changed. Now it's higher, at 783 million and change.

Also note the low price for today (the 16th) is only 497 million. That had to be due to the way CCP's brain-dead order filling code works when someone makes a mistake entering a sell order otherwise it never would have sold that low with so many full regional range buy orders up at much higher prices (including my own full regional buy order).

No doubt that number will disappear after maintenance on the 17th and the edited low price for the day will magically wind up around 780 mil yet again.

Sure removing extreme outliers makes sense or better yet fix the brain-dead order filling code and most of those extreme outliers will go away. But 755 mil is not an extreme outlier, in fact it's within 5% of the reported average price of well under 793 mil.

I'll say it again. Fix the order filling code and most of the extreme outliers will disappear like magic, especially for high volume items in busy markets like The Forge.

One more time because it's fundamental, it's important and it would be extremely easy to do. Fix the brain-dead order filling code!


  1. This fix is schedule for Summer 2019. You have to be on the CSM little things list and then you need to make it into the top 100 =P.

    1. I don't like trolls or flamefests so I avoid "official" forums like the plague.

      So I need to educate others about it until someone brings it to CCP's attention.

      Maybe a detailed post about it would help. I know several CSM members read this blog at least occasionally, maybe that might convince one of them to put it on the little things list.

      Which I'm pretty sure will get done before 2019. =)