Thursday 25 September 2014

Bulk Purchasing Update

Updated the Bulk Purchasing page today.

- Raised prices on a number of items including most of the T2/T3 ships I buy.
- Lowered minimum stack sizes on many items.
- Made big changes to acceptable delivery locations.
- Added Orvolle to the delivery location list.

Of particular note is provided my minimum stack sizes are met I'll now accept delivery anywhere in contiguous hi sec. Also there's a list of 27 stations (at least one in each contiguous hi sec region) where I'll accept delivery of smaller stacks too (even singles).

1 comment:

  1. Quick question, since T3 prices are still under raw material value, is this some sort of charity/donation to gather money to fight the evil goons?
    If so you should add how much % per hull goes directly to your war efforts, this way its like buying
    war bonds. I also think its easier to just sell corp shares, similar to the CODE or setup a donation board.

    I mean i don't see much added value, selling hulls under raw material value to you. So you need to add some form of value here. If i PvP and loose ships, i might have some "fun". If i do market PvP i can "piss of" some of my competition and see the market react? If i hand isk to fight the evil goons, i feel like partially making EvE a "better" place and at least get a named spot on the donation boards.

    How about a "fight evil goons" warbond? We donate isk and all the % profit per month from this bond, directly goes to fight the evil?