Monday 8 April 2013

Copying Market Quickbar Settings

Market quickbar settings are saved at the account level, all 3 characters on the same account have the same quickbar. To copy quickbar settings to other accounts all you need to do is copy this file. However this file also contains many other settings like window positions, overview, etc. so don't copy the file to accounts you don't want to lose other settings on. If you're unsure, backup the original to be safe.

The exact location of the file you need to copy depends on your OS. For me, running Windows XP, it's in:

C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_ccp_eve_tranquility\settings

<USER> is the windows user name.

The file containing the quickbar is core_user_*.dat

for example core_user_9999999.dat

* is a number (it's a 7 digit number on all of my accounts). I don't know how CCP comes up with the number but it's some kind of account ID. For my 6 accounts the smallest ID number is the first account created. The larger the number the later the account was created. You can figure out which file is for which account as long as you know the order the accounts were created in.

Find the file with the settings you want and copy it to the files for the accounts you want the same settings on.

Don't forget doing this will change a lot of other settings too, not just the quickbar.


  1. An easy way to discover wich number correlates to wich account is the "last changed" time. Just loog in one acc and drag something into the market quickbar (i think just logging in is enough but better safe then sorry) and quit the game again. Now the file with "last changed" just a few seconds ago should be the file associated with the acc you just logged in.

  2. I'm mildly confused on your time management.

    You have 2836 orders (assuming you did basic trade skills on some of your characters) available. I'm not saying you're maxed out, so let me guess 60%, or 1700 of those orders are active. Let's also be generous and say that in a 24 hour period only half are changed or require your attention (this includes adding new fulfilled orders). That comes to about 850 orders to update/add. The whole time of updating, I surmise it takes what, 5-10 seconds each? I'll be generous and say 8 seconds. So, to update/add 30% of your total capacity takes 113 minutes or a little under two hours.

    Obviously the number increases the longer you let them sit. I'd venture to say that number doubles every 3 days.

    So I'm very confused. Either you've automated a macro that updates everything by checking prices and adjusts based on a profit margin on all accounts simultaneously (which is cheating) or you're not honest with yourself (and your readers) about how much actual time it takes to manage 13 billion in profit on a monthly basis.

    8 seconds is not enough time to check the price, figure a good starting point, and continue.

    Also, on a completely unrelated note, do you use management software? Such as EVEMentat?

    And when do you turn a buy order into a sell order? When it's 50% fulfilled?

    1. Active orders are more like 2000-2500, it varies quite a bit. I don't update all of my orders all of the time. Some days I spend half an hour, some days an hour or two and some days I don't play the market at all.

      I concentrate on the most profitable characters and high value / high volume items. I tend to log onto a few characters more than others because they deal in more valuable items and/or are in high volume locations. Even on those characters I usually only update maybe 20% of their orders at a time. The most valuable, highest profit and highest volume items.

      I check Evemon's wallet tab for characters that have bought or sold a lot of stuff recently, log on them, post and update orders for those particular items. Sometimes I'll check some of the better / more valuable / higher volume items while I'm on the character but I usually don't spend a lot of time going through ALL his orders.

      I try to find the time to go through all the orders on at least a couple characters every week but that doesn't always happen. The characters in outlying regions I don't usually bother to log onto at all unless they have at least a billion in items to post.

      Anyhow, that should give you an idea. It's all about working the best most profitable items first and not obsessing over the rest. In fact a lot of my orders are just sitting there for days, weeks or months, slowly squeezing the no-lifers and bots out of a market segment.

    2. Management software... All I use are Evemon (mostly to check wallet totals and transactions quickly) and jEveAssets (just for grand totals and tracking graphs). I don't really use or need anything to track individual items, nor sales and profits on them.

      I tried setting up EveMentat several times but it doesn't work. It keeps telling me the account info is invalid when it is not. Many others seem to have the same problem with it too.

    3. To put it another way if an item is under 2% margin (much of which is eaten up by taxes and fees), I'll just set up low volume orders a little under the lowest buy and a little over the highest sell order. On higher volume items I'll throw in couple middling volume orders a bit lower and higher too.

      Then I just sit back letting the no-lifers and bots fight over < 2% for as long as they want.

      Once most of the no-lifers and bots leave margins improve and my orders start get filled. Items appear in my inventory and I'm back in business on those items. Until that happens it's not worth my time bothering with those low margin items so I mostly just ignore them.