Friday 5 April 2013

Just Say No to Nullsec

I wasn't planning on getting involved in or commenting on the sillyness politics of the CSM popularity contest election but there seems to be a growing  sentiment against the power of the nullsec blocs. I can get behind that.

Nullsec power blocs have been grossly over-represented on the CSM in the past. This is almost certainly a big part of why the game seems to pander to them (often to the detriment of other players) so much. Nullsec players are more organized due to the nature of nullsec more or less forcing players to join large power blocs. That organization means nullsec players tend to vote in blocs for bloc leadership approved candidates and get more than their fair share of candidates elected.

The best way to blunt the power of the nullsec blocs on the CSM is for a larger percentage of the rest of the Eve player base to vote and more specifically to not vote for nullsec candidates.

The candidates I endorse are as follows

1. Ripard Teg (exception to the no nullsec rule)
2. Ali Aras (exception to the no nullsec rule)
3. Trebor Daehdoow
4. Mangla Solaris
5. Chitsa Jason
6 Nathan Jameson
7 James Arget
8. Ayeson
9. Mike Aariah
10. Cipreh
11. Korvin
12. Steve Ronuken
13. Roc Weiler

While there isn't anyone I fully endorse for the 14th spot, voting for either of the following would be better than not voting simply because they are he/she is not on the nullsec bloc list

Psychotic Monk

Edit: It seems Psychotic Monk is on the bloc list after all so his name has been struck out.

Ripard and Ali are exceptions to the no nullsec rule because they are reputable players who may live in nullsec but stand for something other than nullsec power. Ripard is very well known for being open minded, thinking outside the box and working for the good of the game and everyone who plays it, not just himself and his buddies. Ali is newbie friendly, going out of her way to help new players. A voice that's sympathetic to new players and understands them well is something that's desperately needed on the CSM.

Two blog posts in one day, that's a first for me!


  1. Quite fun doing these lists.

    Bloc voting/antibloc voting has its merits but it's good if some of us pick based on personal qualities. If bloc/antibloc cancel each other out then maybe we'll get the 7 most capable nullsec people and the 7 most capable non-bloc.

    1. I figure the blocs will get most of their guys elected regardless. But if enough anti-bloc voters turn out it might keep a few of the guys on the bottom of their lists out.

      I read your endorsement list too. Some of your bloc candidates are people I might have endorsed too if they weren't bloc. I also agreed with your analysis of the candidates, at least the ones I know enough about to have formed an opinion of.

      Great job on that analysis btw, it's the most succinct candidate analysis I've seen yet.

    2. Thanks.

      Hopefully it won't be a clean sweep for the blocs. Some of us in the coalitions are not voting as recommended.