Saturday 20 April 2013

Burn Jita is Great for Business

Burn Jita is upon us again. Those flying big, slow hauling ships have reason for concern but for those flying small, fast ships Burn Jita is terrific for business.

Many (probably most) of those big, slow haulers are avoiding Jita. Consequently there are less items being shipped in and out of system. Prices are dropping on export items as supply goes up and prices are rising on import items as supply runs low. That's a big opportunity for those who can get valuable cargos in and out of Jita without much risk... Couriers with small, fast ships and traders specializing in valuable items that don't take up much cargo space.

Small fast ships can run on autopilot into major hisec hubs without a problem most of the time even when carrying billions in cargo. If you're flying manually it's almost completely safe.

note: nothing in Eve is ever absolutely completely safe unless you're docked

For the most part, gankers are neither expecting nor looking for valuable cargoes in small ships. In addition, even if they do look at it, they generally aren't quick enough to kill a manually piloted ship that aligns fast.

Gankers look for big, slow ships, easy targets like industrials, freighters and mining ships. Most of them won't even bother targeting or scanning small ships, far less, locking, pointing and shooting at them. The ones that do target and scan small ships usually aren't fast enough to target, lock, point and kill you before you've warped out or docked.

Last year Burn Jita was very good for my business even though I didn't do anything different. This year I was expecting it and much better prepared. So far it's exceeding all expectations. Since yesterday I've bought and sold billions of ISK worth of items on Jita. I've moved billions more in and out of Jita without trouble too. I expect to do at least double my usual business on Jita for the duration.

So get in your small, fast ships (T1/T2 frigates, Covert Ops ships, etc) and take advantage of the enormous opportunities Burn Jita presents!

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