Thursday 11 April 2013

Drinking and Typos

Oops! Someone typoed a sell order price after drinking too much. I might not have noticed if he hadn't sent me an evemail about it.

Good job m8
From: Some poor drunk
Sent: 2013.04.11 17:18
To: name withheld

Daily reminder not to play eve drunk.
Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Medium Projectile Turret MP-805
I'd ask for compensation, but ti's the nature of EvE
Good luck my friend, best wishes to my loss.

Looking at my wallet transactions it's obvious what happened. Intending to post a sell order for 48.5 mil he dropped a digit and sold an implant to me for 4.85 mil instead.

My buy order was for 43.3 mil but that's how the game works. I've always felt Eve handles this backwards, he should have gotten my buy order price intead of getting screwed over a typo. The same goes for typing an extra digit (or 3 as I once did for a 2 billion loss) in a buy order, you should pay the price of existing sell orders instead.

I sent him another 20 mil for being nice about it.

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