Sunday 28 April 2013

Using Market Search Efficiently

You'll often hear other players say you should never use market search to find items. They claim it's a waste of time typing item names in and that the quickbar is always better / more efficient.

While I do agree it's very well worth setting up a well organized quickbar I don't agree search is a waste of time or that it should never be used. The quickbar isn't always faster or more efficient, sometimes search is the fastest, most efficient way to find an item or group of related items.

Search is particularly useful for finding specific items and items you don't often need to lookup.

You can drag and drop items from chat or inventory into search to quickly find an item.

You don't have to type in the full name of the item you're looking for. You can type in partial names to quickly find subsets of items you want to check on. For example "Navy" to find all mods with Navy in the name, "Caldari Navy" to find just Caldari Navy mods, "basic" to quickly find +3 attribute implants and so on. Very useful when you just want to look at a specific group of related items and also extremely useful for adding groups of related items to the quickbar in the first place.

The following is a list of some of the search terms I use frequently.

caldari navy
federation navy
ammatar navy
republic fleet
dread guristas
true sansha

The search bar also remembers prior searches so if you've typed in "caldari navy" once before, all you need to do is type "c" and click "caldari navy" in the drop down menu that appears. For touch typists though it's usually faster to just type the whole thing in.

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