Friday 5 April 2013


Hate-Mail, anyone who's played online games for any length of time has probably received hate-mail at one time or another.

Mixed somewhere in all the ranting, raving, name calling and obscenities the hater usually mentions what he's so mad about. For market/auction related hate-mail it's usually something like:

"You're selling under cost!"
"You're paying too much for that item!"
"You undercut by too much!"
"You're killing the market!"

And the big lie...

"You'd make a lot more if you'd just undercut by 0.01 ISK like I do!"

That's what the no-lifers and bots want you to do because it means they make more ISK, not you. The guy telling you to undercut by 0.01 ISK is either naive enough to believe the no-lifers and bots or more likely he's one of them. He's pissed you entered what he considers "his" market(s). If you don't play the 0.01 ISK game he can't dominate the market, manipulating and price gouging his way to obscene profits by camping constantly anymore.

I used to get hate-mail almost daily from other auctioneers in that game I played before Eve. To my complete amazement I haven't received one single market related hatemail in Eve yet. I've gotten a few for running someone's gatecamp or making fun of his obvious scam in local chat but none over my market related actions.

I can't believe no hate has been sent over my market actions. The haters must think my characters are someone else's alts and send the hate to his main instead of me.


  1. Gevlon's always shown some quite funny mail people have sent him in Eve although doesn't seem to be as much as he got in WoW. I've never received hate mail per se but a lot of moaning in null sec about even the most reasonable prices.

    1. Actually, if I had to pick one person who might getting the blame (and maybe some hate-mail) for my market actions it'd be Gevlon.

      After all his posting / pricing methods are pretty much identical to mine and he's better known than I am.

  2. Maybe the marketeers in EVE are on average more knowledgable?

    I got a mail once, long time ago, asking why I was undercutting the market sell price for a certain T2 product. Turned out that I had interfered with an attempted creation of a T2 market cartel :)

    I replied back then that I prefer to earn actual ISK by actually selling stuff, instead of having only potential ISK sitting in unrealized sales (people weren't too keen on paying the cartel's inflated prices), and that was the end of it.

    1. Haha, that's great. I usually say something similar.